Found:                 12/12/2011

Weight:               281g

Location:             Brackley

Condition:          Autumn Juvenile found collapsed in the road.


On arrival to Brackley HogWatch rescue centre this hedgehog was found to be missing his left rear leg, but it was not a recent wound, it was not bleeding or causing pain.  He was found during a heavy rain storm, and was collapsed and dying from hypothermia.

I took Humphrey to Vale for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. He underwent a lengthy operation to amputate a small stump that remained. The stump would cause problems after release if left. He recovered well from the surgery and remained at Vale for  observation. He was collected on in March 2012 and returned to Brackley for local acclimatisation.

 This hedgehog was constantly monitored using CCTV, throughout March & April and was released  into the Winston Crescent area of Brackley.

 Released:            08/05/12
Weight:               993g

Subnote:  Vale Wildlife Hospital are certain that under appropriate circumstances single rear  legged amputee hedgehogs can thrive in the wild after release. I have taken the decision to track and monitor Humphrey. His condition and welfare are monitored regularly.


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