Jones Close Hedgehogs

I saw the first hedgehog for years in Jones Close last week. It was a small one but scuttled along in the centre of the road at getting on for 11pm. The following evening at around 10.15pm a different – much larger hedgehog raced by. I have been putting out water each night since,  as well as some peanut granules in one dish and hedgehog food mixed with dried mealy worms in another dish. Several nights all has been devoured. I have now purchased a feeding station from this site as I am wanting to feed a wet food to vary the foods on offer for the hedgehogs. There are several cats in the Close and I am sure they will be partial to the wet food!! The feeding station should stop the cats gallop! I have also learned that ‘Nigel’ one of the tagged hedgehogs, has been located to a nest in Jones Close on occasions and am hoping to catch a glimpse of him at sometime.