Found:                 30/11/2011

Weight:               422g

Location:             Beaumont Crescent

Condition:          Autumn Juvenile too small to survive the winter.

 Michelle was from a 2nd litter generation who was doomed to die because of the onset of winter.

On arrival to Brackley HogWatch rescue centre this hedgehog was small and extremely sick. She underwent our normal examination and observation and clearly needed individual medical treatment. She had breathing difficulties, coughing, vomiting and diarrhoea and needed intensive medical treatments. The normal faecal sample was sent for analysis where 2 different types of lungworm were identified. Treated effectively with different injections required for each type. Antibiotics were also required to help with any secondary infection. A further faecal sample was sent and showed that the treatments had been effective.

This hedgehog was constantly monitored using CCTV, throughout the remainder of the Winter and was released back into the Winston Crescent area of Brackley.

 Released:            10/05/12
Weight:               1081g

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