Nesting boxes and feeding stations

Hedgehog nest boxes and feeding stations

There are many designs which can be used, for example – some breeze blocks with a paving slab on top or a plastic swing bin on its side or an upside down pet basket or an upside down toy box with the hand holds cut away.

Commercially made hedgehog boxes are also available from the shop on this site.

Siting the house – it depends on the garden and from which direction the weather comes. For example in the hot weather the box should be sited where it is shaded. In the winter it should be protected from the prevailing winds. If a hedgehog has previously nested in your garden this may help you to decide where to site the box.

Filling the nest with dry leaves and/or hay will mean the hedgehog has less work to do in building its nest. Do not keep looking to see it a hedgehog is in residence. You could however put a small object at the entrance to see if it gets pushed away, this may indicate that an animal of some sort is using the nest. Hedgehog have made use of all the ideas  above, but just because you go to the trouble to make or buy a box for a hedgehog does not mean he will use it. If you have a shed raised off the ground or pampas grass, it is possible that these will be preferred.

If you are a handyman/woman, you may wish to make your own box.

Feeding stations are available from the shop on this site.

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