August 2012 Newsletter

Hedgehogs In August

All these changes to our weather make it difficult to predict how the hedgehogs will fare.  The warm spell in March has lead to a number of litters being born very early.  Those female hedgehogs with successful early litters and those with unsuccessful later litters will be thinking about having second brood.  These are likely to be born in August and September, giving rise to the next batch of autumn juveniles. Very few autumn juveniles survive the winter. They are too small. But that’s another story.

 Damp weather is great for hedgehogs as it brings out the slugs, snails and worms.  However very wet weather can lead to flooding of nests, difficulty in keep nests dry and also difficult in staying dry themselves, which can lead to hypothermia.

Signs of hypothermia are wobbling and shaking and acting as if they are slightly drunk.  If you see a hedgehog like this then it needs to come inside. Other signs include wandering during the day and sunbathing. Hedgehogs never sunbathe!  Put it on a covered hot water bottle and cover the hedgehog with another towel.  Put it in a high-sided box and offer some meat based dog or cat food. Then seek advice from Brackley HogWatch 07528 119416/07976 704415 . Often hypothermia is just a sign of a problem and warming it up treats that symptom but does not address the initial cause. It is these hedgehogs that need extra help and you should seek further advice

 Think a hedgehog is in trouble – if in doubt give us a shout – call the Brackley HogWatch 07528 119416/07976 704415