What to feed wild hedgehogs

What to feed Wild Hedgehogs

 Firstly, we must impress on the fact that you should NEVER feed hedgehogs bread and milk. This can cause chronic diarrhoea.

Food that can be taken regularly,  bearing in mind that some hedgehogs have their own preferences over others!

ground peanuts
peanut granules (never whole peanuts though)
mealworms (dried)
bird food
dried cat biscuits (meat variety not fish)
chicken cat food
dried puppy meal (meat variety not fish)
dried banana
other fruits
cooked potato
other cooked vegetables
baked beans
raw liver or mince
commercial hedgehog food
Both tinned (Spike’s dinner) and dried food especially for hedgehogs

The crunchy cat biscuits or puppy complete food are also of benefit to the hedghog’s teeth.

Always leave out a bowl of water for your wild hedgehogs.

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